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Monday, 2 May 2016

Monday Post | Bank Holiday Weekend

This Bank holiday was so needed! For the past few weeks I've been looking forward to having an extra day off and for once, we have amazing weather on a bank holiday!
For the past week, we've probably experienced every single season! I mean, we have had snow, hail, sun and rain all in such a short space of time?! But Saturday & Sunday picked up and I'm sitting here writing this post with aftersun next to me waiting to put it on my face! 

(Although, I'm not complaining, I cannot wait to get my tan on)
Maybe today isn't going to be as sunny at it has been, but surely that's a good excuse to do a bit of indoor shopping!
If you follow me on my social accounts (linked below) then you may know that I'm actually away for the weekend with friends. So add and follow me if you want to find out a bit more of what I'm up to :)
Anyway, enough of the waffling on, I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday and a productive 4 day week!

Love Robyn xxx 


brands I’ve loved working with

brands I’ve loved working with