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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Motivational Fitness Tips | Elle Sport

I love going to my weekly gym classes and enjoy the feel good factor that it leaves me with. However, we all have those times when we would rather curl up on the sofa with our cosy pjs on. That's when the motivational tips start to kick in ...

New Workout Clothes!
First things first, I love buying myself new fitness outfits and I'm beyond grateful to have received these amazing pieces from ELLE Sport! New workout clothes motivate me so much as it makes me want to get myself down the gym to show it all off. These pieces are so comfortable and very flattering, I love that they're so detailed and stand out from other high street brands. 

Updating your music library is a must! There's nothing better than kicking off your workout with a new and upbeat song. If you really want to get your summer body on, download something that will motivate you.

Gym Classes
This is a strict way of making sure you complete your full hour's workout. You can't get away early by doing half a session. If I start avoiding the gym, this is what I do to give myself a kick up the backside! (Don't forget, they can be fun)

Find a Buddy
If all fails, then find yourself a new gym buddy. Sam is mine and he helps to support me when I need it. I can tell you now, he's no pushover and makes me do what I'm there for. (Then we go home and I cook him pizza)

And with all this in mind, hopefully any fitness phobia's will be put to rest. Good luck!

Don't forget to use my discount code for 20% off your order with ELLE Sport: 20RBSS16

Love Robyn xxx 


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brands I’ve loved working with