In With The New

Well at last, she's here! And it's everything I dreamed of and more ...

Last Friday I couldn't contain my excitement knowing my new car was on it's way to my house. It was the longest day, I was just clock watching for most of it!

For the past few weeks, I've been in contact with Sporting Torque arranging to get myself a new Mercedes A Class. For a while now I've been looking for a car and this company offered me the best price! They were very patient with me throughout the whole thing and didn't force me into making any rash decisions. 

Sporting Torque were always professional and came back with answers as soon as they could! I felt like the whole process happened so easily and I had my new car in no time!

I am still learning how to use the technology and where everything is. I'm so thankful that Sporting Torque are still on the end of the phone and making sure I'm okay with everything. Great after service!

It didn't seem to phase them either when I called at 11:30pm Friday night asking how to put my car into auto mode. Certainly a blonde moment! 

On Friday my car was delayed due to traffic (joys of the M25!) But the men who delivered my car still spent time with me making sure I was happy!

Thank you so much to everyone at Sporting Torque, especially Jody for everything! I would certainly recommend this car dealership to anyone looking to buy themselves a new or used car!

Love Robyn xxx 



  1. That is a good looking car. I have always felt that Mercedes has this air of classiness to it that no other cars really have. I do think that Infiniti is growing on me though. I was not too interested until I road in a friend's and I felt like she had a much more comfortable car than my car.

    Domingo @ Viva Ford

    1. Hi Domingo,

      Thank you for leaving your comment! That's lovely of you, one day you'll have one :) I must admit, as soon as I saw this car I just fell in love with it! x

  2. How long have you had the car for Robyn? I'm looking to get it for my first car as I also have fallen in love with it. Just wanted to ask a few questions;
    Is it cheap to run?
    How practical is it?
    Most importantly is it comfortable to drive?
    This car is a rocket right?
    Kind regards
    Will x

    1. Hi Will,
      I've had the car for about a month now. I love it so much!
      It's fairly cheap to run and a full tank has lasted me well over two weeks considering I drive everyday. I'd say that it's practical for me but it all depends on what you want from a car. Very comfortable! I have heated seats and cruise control so yes very very comfortable! It all depends on your engine but yes it's faster than my old car :) x

  3. Would you say it's ideal for a first car?
    Will x


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