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Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Road to Recovery

Some of you may know that my boyfriend Sam is a footballer and plays for Colchester United Football Club. The past 3 months of the season have been all over the place for him as he has been out injured. It's been horrible seeing him away from doing what he loves but Thursday was the day for him to have his operation.

The club booked him into King Edward V11's Hospital in London where The Royal Family have also been seen going for checkups! So of course, we were on our best behaviour haha!

As soon as we got into our private room, I had to look out of the window to see what our view was like. It was amazing! We overlooked a cute little court yard that I was just obsessing over. I just had to take some photos. 

From 6am until 12pm, we were waiting for Sam to be called so as you can imagine, we were very bored! Our morning consisted of phones, laptops, cameras and daytime TV, which I love. Not to mention Jeremy Kyle ... you didn't hear a peep out of me when that came on.

We also found out that Sam's surgeon has previously operated on Steven Gerrard and Jack Wilshere! And now of course, Sammie Szmodics! Haha.

So for most of the morning I was walking around the room taking photos of little details. (You can tell I never have private healthcare lol!) When sam went down, me and Becky (his Mum) went to have some lunch at Strada which was lovely! We hadn't eaten all morning either so we splashed out and had three courses. Something I never do! But the vanilla ice-cream and warm chocolate pudding was to die for, I couldn't turn it down!

Over the next few weeks/months, Sam will be out of his cast and back at football. He will begin his rehab work with his physio doing light strengthening and having massages (I wonder if it's worth me having an operation just for the massage? lol) Before we know it, Sam should hopefully be back in the team and back to his normal self!

Love Robyn xxx


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