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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Monday's Update: Celebrating London Fashion Week


London Fashion Week is just insane I'm gutted that I didn't get myself a ticket. However, I'll definitely be attending next time! When I was studying at The Fashion Retail Academy, I was given the opportunity to attend Graduate Fashion Week. Which was amazing, so I can only imagine how good LFW is!

Fashion Week is all about flaunting the new designer collections from brands that were founded in London. And Fashion Week is the inspiration of all collections that run through to our favourite high street brands! Maybe its fur, a specific print or colour but in some way, shape or form, the trend would of come from Fashion Week.

Yesterday Topshop Unique had their show which was unreal. I'm a sucker for Topshop and it's amazing that it's the only retailer on the high street that has their own show at London Fashion Week. You can watch their AW16 show HERE.

Another one of my favourite brands is Mulberry. If you've read some of my previous blog posts, you'll know that I love Mulberry and I wear my Black Bayswater Bracelet in most of my blogs. So yes I would say that their show yesterday was a hit! You can watch their AW16 show HERE.

So London Fashion Week isn't over yet, we still have until Tuesday to soak up on all of our AW16 trends. And today, I cannot wait to see Burberry walk down the catwalk revealing their new collection. That's one I'll be looking out for!

As always, these Monday Update photos aren't my own. Their taken from Topshop Unique's AW16 Lookbook. 

Love Robyn xxx


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