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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is my all time favourite social networking site. I'm so addicted to this app because it's so visual and creative, something that I love. Once I click onto the app, I find it very hard reeling myself in. I always end up going through the stages of looking at a blogger's, sister's, cousin's, aunt's, god daughter's Instagram account. Hasn't everyone done this before or is it just me? Lol! My obsession to Instagram is crazy so I've decided to give you a few accounts that are definitely worth following.

This is a new Instagram account that I've recently stumbled across. As soon as I found it I had to follow! I cannot get enough of this girl, her photography is just amazing. Kayleigh has over 69 followers on Instagram and I'm not surprised at all with her sleek profile. She's such a girly girl, I love it. 

One of my all time favourites. Sarah's Instagram really inspired me at the beginning of my blogging journey as I didn't know where to start. I would always find myself going down to her oldest fashion posts on Instagram to see how she started and what her images looked like. This was a good method for me as I could relate well with her and no longer found myself at a loose end. You can find out more about her in my Top 5 Inspirational Bloggers post.

This is also a new account that I've recently come across. I love looking down her photos and today I actually found out that we graduated from The Fashion Retail Academy at the same time! Once again it's nice to be able to relate to someone at this stage of my blog. Leah's photos really inspire me, I just find myself getting carried away with looking down her profile. 

A VERY inspiring person. I was lucky enough to receive his book from Santa at Christmas and I'm already sucked into it. It's called ' A Working Process' you can find it HERE. Make sure you definitely check it out! As for his Instagram, his photography is just insane!!! It's amazing how much time I could spend analysing his photos. His images are all so simple yet so effective.

Definitely worth checking this girl out! Her Instagram account is so simple and I love it. Each photo consists of white in some way, shape or form. I love looking through Lydia's profile for her product photography. This is something I haven't really done before so I love looking at hers to get a few tips. The biggest tip of all that I've learnt from her Instagram is 'Less is More'. Take note!

These are just a handful of Instagram accounts that I follow. I love doing blog posts like this as it gives me the chance to show people who I'm obsessing over. These accounts are defiantly worth following! 

Feel free to take a look at my Instagram page HERE

Love Robyn xxx


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