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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Monday Morning's Motivation

So this week has been a bit different and exciting for me! You may of already read about it in my Passionate About PR blog post yesterday. If you haven't, you can find it HERE.

This weekend I went out into town with my friends and the craziest thing happened to me. To the point where I'm still in shock ... 

A young girl came up to me and said that she knew me and she's read my blog posts. Baring in mind, we haven't met before! She complemented me on my posts and picked out the ones in particular that she loved. It was so lovely to hear this so once again, thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts :)

And thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blog, it really means a lot x

This weeks Tumblr Inspo has come from the idea of tropical beaches & these photos are just making me so excited to book my 2016 holiday! As always, these photos aren't my own. I've taken them from my Tumblr account. Don't forget to take a look at my page HERE.

Love Robyn xxx


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