This week I was fortune enough to stay in this gorgeous Air BNB in Holborn, London with the girls at Rosalind Shimmen Communications. I've never heard of the Air BNB apartments and I don't think I would stay anywhere else now in London! This one was so modern and 'Instagram-able'. That's what I was thinking when I was taking all of these snaps!

The whole layout of the Air BNB Townhouse was simple and as you can see, I got slightly carried away with taking photos of all the unusual lighting which I definitely want in my house one day! 

The location was bang in the centre of London which made it so close to everything including a short walk to Holborn and Chancery Lane station.  The Townhouse had one bedroom which 3 of us managed to squeeze into! The sofa also pulls out into a double bed if you were thinking of having more than just two people staying.

An added bonus and the reason we stayed in this luxury apartment was because we were invited to Steam & Rye's 2nd Birthday Celebrations so it was bound to be a late night! I'm so grateful for this experience and felt totally spoilt.

This is the second time I've stayed in London over night and I cannot wait to do it again!

If you have my snapchat then you probably saw the first glance of the apartment. If you don't then you can add me: batesrobyn so that you can see what's yet to come.

If you're interested in staying in this apartment, CLICK HERE

If you're interested in viewing more Air BNB apartments in London, CLICK HERE

Love Robyn xxx


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A Bloggers Aid To Accessorize

One thing that I have learnt from blogging is to be more adventurous with shopping and don't just stick to comfort zones. There are many shops out there so put aside sometime to shop a new experience.

Whilst shopping with my Mum a few weeks back, we mooched into Accessorize. I was pleasantly surprised with their 'Z for Accessorize' jewellery collection.

Accessorize had such a large selection of jewellery which were very on trend. I picked up two key pieces and luckily my hinting paid off as Santa delivered them to me on Christmas day. I love the simplicity of them and they work with most outfits. I normally stick to gold jewellery so it's nice to affordably change my accessorises from time to time. 

It's nice to know that you can treat yourself every so often without having to break the bank. I would definitely recommend you taking a look in Accessorize, I know I'll be returning soon!

Don't forget it's January so SALE, SALE, SALE!

Love Robyn xxx

Click on details for links to the website:

Pave Disc Sud Earrings

Unfortunately the other pieces in my blog aren't on the website anymore. However I did see them the other day in my local shopping centre so definitely pop in to Accessorize and have a look to see if you can find them in there!


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Monday Morning's Motivation

This week I posted up my new blog which was My Top 5 Yankee Candles which you can see HERE. I was pleasantly surprised when Yankee Candle retweeted my blog post and followed me on Twitter. 

I had a lovely evening last night spending time with my family and mentally planning for the following week's gym sessions. Of which, I have made a note of on my iCloud Calendar. I love using this calendar as you can colour coordinate everything (& I love colour coordination!) I've made a note of the classes and I'm so excited to start it all off this evening with Body Pump!

It's nearly the end of January and I feel like I should be working really hard on my summer body (it's a working process)

As always, these Monday Morning Motivation photos aren't my own. I've taken them from my Tumblr account. Don't forget to take a look at my page HERE.

Love Robyn xxx


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My Top 5 Yankee Candles

If you don't already know then let me just fill you in on the fact that I'm OBSESSED with candles! To the point where I'll have 7 burning in my room at once & I'll give myself a headache (I should cut down soon). So as you can imagine, Yankee Candles are one of my favourite things! I'm going to share with you my top 5 Yankee Candles that are definitely worth treating yourself to on payday ...

My favourite scent at the moment is Red Raspberry. My boyfriend Sam bought this one for me back in October for my birthday. He probably didn't realise at the time how much I would fall in love with the scent. i have the medium jar which can burn up to 90 hours.

The scent that started off my obsession with Yankee Candles. As soon as I passed my driving test (nearly two years ago now) I treated myself to an air freshener (the little things that make me happy) I've had this in my car ever since and I cannot get enough of it. Anndddd, if you're not a candle person, then let me recommend the reed diffuser to you which you can find HERE. I have had this in my bedroom for weeks now and I still get a waft of it every time I walk past.

This scent reminds me so much of aftershave, in a good way of course. I had this bought for me a while back and it's amazing. I think I had it burning for the majority of the time as it had a real kick to it that I'm sure many people would love! This Large Pillar Candle (click on the gold title above for more info) is the same price as a medium jar but it lasts up to 150 hours instead so you're getting so much more for your money. These are also great to buy for a man!

You can't go wrong with clean cotton. It's so simple, can fit in with any colour room and lets off a lovely homely smell. This is my Mum's personal favourite and every time I go to buy a new Yankee Candle, she points straight over to this one.

This one throws me back to my younger teenage years when Hollister body sprays and perfumes were the latest craze! If anything smells like those body sprays then you haven't smelt this one yet! This may be the next one to buy on my never ending shopping list ...

You can find these candles all on the Yankee Candle Website as well as most card shops so make sure you check them out next time your passing by! A local card shop to me that sells them is The Party Box in Elm Park and let me fill you in on a secret ... They have 25% off a selection of Yankee Candles at the moment.

Love Robyn xxx


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Tomboy Chic

Boys will be boys ... 

Last summer I was in River Island, Oxford Street where I was approached by the personal shopper and was invited into her studio. This was the day I learnt to think outside the box ...

Danielle Ward (@littlefashbird on Instagram) suggested that I tried on men's clothing as it's so much cheaper and can give the same effect. Especially oversized boyfriend shirts and jumpers. After spending my afternoon in the River Island studio, I left feeling inspired about a new look.

Since this day, I've never been afraid to go out wearing men's clothing. Gives it a tomboy chic look don't you think?

A few weeks ago, I wore my boyfriend Sam's jumper and had a lot of positive feedback from it. Which led me into the menswear department of H&M where I found this oversized jumper. It's so easy and I love throwing it on with a pair of jeans and a baseball cap. I'm now working on designing my own cap so watch this space!

With a little bit of makeup and a touch of perfume, even the boyish of clothes can make you feel like a princess!

Love Robyn xxx

Click on outfit details for links to the website:

Men's Jumper : H&M
Eyelet Backpack : Topshop
Nike Air Jordan CapFootlocker
Stan Smith Superstars : Footlocker


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Monday Morning's Motivation

So this week has been a bit different and exciting for me! You may of already read about it in my Passionate About PR blog post yesterday. If you haven't, you can find it HERE.

This weekend I went out into town with my friends and the craziest thing happened to me. To the point where I'm still in shock ... 

A young girl came up to me and said that she knew me and she's read my blog posts. Baring in mind, we haven't met before! She complemented me on my posts and picked out the ones in particular that she loved. It was so lovely to hear this so once again, thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts :)

And thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blog, it really means a lot x

This weeks Tumblr Inspo has come from the idea of tropical beaches & these photos are just making me so excited to book my 2016 holiday! As always, these photos aren't my own. I've taken them from my Tumblr account. Don't forget to take a look at my page HERE.

Love Robyn xxx


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