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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Topshop's Boiler Blues

I know that this is only my second blog post of the week, but with christmas around the corner, it's been a struggle for me to get out and take some photos of my new outfits. I've finally finished my christmas shopping so don't worry, I'll have the ball rolling again in no time!

Last weekend, myself and Ellie Ratcliffe went out to take some more photos around Hyland's House in Chelmsford, what a beautiful location! All credit goes to Ellie's Dad for the suggestion.

I saw this boiler suit in Topshop a few weeks back and I couldn't quite decide whether it would look good on me. I normally go for outfits that are more fitted and feminine. As much as I love navy, I hardly have any of it in my wardrobe as I struggle to accessorise it. My Mum was the one who picked this out so I 'humoured' her, tried it on & loved it! Once again, thank you Mum!

I've paired this boiler suit up with my Adidas Stan Smith Superstars. Which you can probably tell, I wear them all the time. Well ... I practically live in them. I love the look and believe it or not, this boiler suit makes the best loungewear. It's already kicked aside the tracksuits in my Sunday wardrobe.

Click on outfit details for links to the website:

Boiler Suit : Topshop

(The one I have unfortunately didn't have the badges, but I may have to get my sewing kit out now that I've seen this one!)

Stan Smith Superstars : Footlocker

(I'm lucky that I can get away with children's sizes!)

I'm so lucky to have an amazing photographer at this stage of my blog. Many people start their blogs with family members taking their photos. So I'm very grateful. Ellie's currently studying her A Levels and she inspires me every time we meet up to take photos. Make sure you check out her portfolio:

Ellie Ratcliffe Portfolio Box

Love Robyn xxx


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