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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Setting New Years Resolutions

It's nearly 2016 which means a lot of New Years resolutions are going to be set. I've never been one to really set them because I simply haven't given them enough thought. So this year, I'm sitting down & having a think about the things I would like to change about myself.

What's The Big Deal?
I'm always fretting over things I should of done, could be doing & still need to do. I rarely get any guilt free time to myself. When I'm home, I'm either making personalised gifts, trying to design a new fashion label, blogging and now I'm throwing puppy training into the mix. Which is harder than I thought! I've even been in the gym at 6am to try & fit everything in. Janurary is a new year for me to make time for myself, I need to learn to go with the flow.

January Gym Junkie
This has got to be in the top ten of New Years resolutions. Although I've been an active member of my gym (David Lloyd) for many years, it's very easy for me to make an excuse not to go ... Oops, I forgot my earphones, let's go home and grab a bar of chocolate on the way. December 2015 has been very busy for me, I've been rushed off my feet so I've had a very limited time in the gym. January is about managing my time better and fitting in some me time. 

Less Spending, More Saving
I've always considered myself as a good saver. Even down to refusing to buy a McFlurry because that 99p can go towards bigger things. However, recently my spending is becoming an addiction & I'm finding it hard to stop. I'm setting myself a resolution to start saving a little bit more. This includes putting the odd couple of pounds into a tin can. If you don't have one of these I highly suggest getting one! Last year I was putting a small amount of money, barely noticeable, away every week. When I came to count it months later, it added up to the price of a holiday! Tip: Putting a pound away everyday for a year will add up to £365 and you won't even miss it.

New Years resolutions are there to be broken, hopefully I've got these 3 in the bag. Watch this space!

Love Robyn xxx


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