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Monday, 28 December 2015

Monday Morning's Motivation

There's nothing more motivational than seeing little puppies eyes looking at you to get you out of bed in the morning ... 

For many months now, my boyfriend (Sam) and I have been looking at pug puppies. I'm obsessed with pugs to the point where I was bought a pug pillow, pug hottie and a pug nodding dog for Christmas. So today is a very exciting day as Sam and I are possibly going to pick up our new puppy! We've done our homework and been given the lectures and so we know what to expect. 

Names ... That's another thing ... After spending hours online searching baby girl names and puppies names, we have finally got a short list of about 20, lol. Watch this space to find out whether we have a new addition to the Bates / Szmodics family.

These photos aren't my own, I've taken them from My Tumblr AccountDon't forget to take a look at my page:

Love Robyn xxx


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