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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Monday Morning Motivation

Blogging inspires me more every day as there's so much involved! I love looking through other bloggers websites just to see how they're getting on and what topics they're talking about. I look up to these bloggers as one day I would like to be in their positions. My Monday's Morning Motivation revolves entirely around blogging and the types of photos people may take. And of course, these photos are all taken from my Tumblr account.

This week has been the best for me since I started blogging. I recently received an email from Aisle Style regarding a blog post. This is the first time I've been contacted by them so as you can imagine I was over the moon! I uploaded this post yesterday so you can view it HERE.

I've also been given some really good news this weekend which you will find out more in January. Lets just say that being excited is an understatement. 

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Love Robyn xxx

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