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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Aisle Style's UK Prom Queen

                                                      Split Long Lace Bodice Prom Dress

                                                       Two Piece Tassel Split Prom Dress

Words cannot explain how excited I was when I came across my first collaboration email this week from Aisle Style. It was an incredible feeling and a huge, huge compliment! Knowing that my blog has appealed to this company has given me a huge sense of achievement.

Prom Dress shopping was a blur for me as I didn't know many people above my age, so I didn't have any recommendations from anyone. I was very fussy when I came to it as I wanted to wear something that was different so it would be remembered. To say I looked around my local wedding and prom dress shops is an understatement. In the end, I choose online shopping as there's always that worry that someone from a local school would of bought the same dress. Or even worse, someone in my school! As we all know at that age, everyone knows everyone … The way forward for me was shopping online as I knew I would find something completely original.

I think the top few questions asked when deciding on the prefect prom dress is: 

Do you want to go long or short

Do you want a ball gown or a cocktail dress? 

What colour are you going for? 

Oh the stress of decision making! I didn’t have a clue back then so it was a case of trial and error. One thing I suggest you do is try on every single style. Don’t just rule a certain look out as you may be pleasantly surprised. My Mum is very good with getting me to ‘humour her’ as I would never go for the things she picks out (which turn out to be the best).

Aisle Style offers so many styles online and their prom dress UK collections are so varied. Whether you want sexy or chic, Aisle Style caters for all sizes as they are tailor made to suit you.

Have you ever seen a two piece prom outfit? I know I haven't and I know many people that are falling in love (as am I) with the idea of it! Every outfit is so unique and the attention to detail is a real selling point for me.

Doesn't everyone want to look sexy at their prom? Aisle Style's online shop really helps to narrow your style choices down so that you can find something that's is elegant and feminine. 

The tools on their website helps you to find the perfect dress you’re looking for. For instance, if you know what suits you, then narrow the selection down by selecting that style. I wish everyone had this! It's so visual and easy to use making the experience much more fun.

Looking at Aisle Style’s website has just made me want to do my prom all over again. I’m falling in love with so many dresses on their website and the great thing is they're on sale at the moment.

The images of the dresses above are just a few that I’m so obsessed with!

Click HERE to view Aisle Style's UK Prom Dress Collection.

Please leave your comments below and let me know how you get on with finding the perfect dress.
And most of all, have fun!

Love Robyn xxx

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