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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Saturday's Essentials

Weekends are so precious to me as they're the only two days that I can let blogging completely take over. I work in retail Monday to Friday so when I leave for work it's dark. When I come home from work it's dark. So during the week I struggle to take good pictures with natural lighting. Especially with Black Friday, I have been so busy with work that I haven't had much chance to focus on my blog. So today is all about catching up and getting back on track with everything.

I've been looking forward to Saturday all week as I haven't made any plans what so ever and I'm looking forward to sitting on my Mac for most of the day. Myself and my friend Eleanor Ratcliffe went out last weekend to take a load of new photos for my blog. It's been soul destroying thinking about them all week and not having a spare minute to begin editing. So today I will be doing just that and creating a new blog post. 

Is anyone else very particular about the way they write in their Filofax? I certainly am and I always have been. Since a young age I've loved stationary, I know, strange. You could of given me a packet of sticky notes and I would of been over the moon, and still would be. My Filofax is just everything to me I love it! I colour coordinate everything in there by using highlighter stickers. For instance, if something is social, it's orange. If something is a reminder, it's green. So that when I look over at what I have in store for the week, I can just go by the colours. Not many people understand me for being like this, lol, but I love it. This week I haven't had much chance to jot anything down in there so today I will be catching up with it all. That's if I still remember everything ...

Last but no means least, my Swarovski pen. I've had this pen for years and it's just the best. I've featured this pen in my Relaxing Saturday Essentials post so make sure you check that one out to find out more.

Over the next week I'll have plenty more blog posts coming. I can't wait to start creating them for you.

Love Robyn xxx

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brands I’ve loved working with