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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Lifestyle | What is Blogging All About?

Since I've started blogging, I've had many people asking me what it is I'm doing and what the purpose for it is. I'm creating this post just to share with you what it is i'm trying to do and what blogging is all about.

What Is Blogging?
Simple. Blogging is about communicating, marketing and advertising products or services. Blogging has become very popular as it's a way of promoting which can relate well to a companies customers. People can become very fond of a particular blogger, find out that they relate well to their lives and then be interested in buying the products or services they may market about. 

Is Blogging About Vanity?
Some people may think blogging is about being vain and just posting a load of photos of yourself, but it is far from that. It's quite a brave thing to do especially if you're someone like me who can be quite insecure. Opening yourself up for ridicule is quite a big decision to make.

Is Blogging Considered as a Job?
Yes. However, near enough every blogger will start off creating their own blog posts for nothing. It can take quite some time before bloggers become noticed and start to earn money from their posts. Once a blogger is noticed by a company, they will earn money by promoting their products or services. This can then become a full-time job which you can earn a comfortable living from.
 But until then, I love what I'm doing and I'm going to keep working at it.

Who Reads Blogs?
A lot more people than you think. The other day, my Mum was looking for something on the internet. I scanned over her shoulder to see that she was on someone's blog (little did she know) reading up on something. Many people read blogs to be inspired by something. Not only this, they could be super obsessed with a particular blogger and may want to find out what they're getting up to.

Self Conscience : 'Who Will Read my Blog?'
The thought that was running through my head before hand. That afternoon I posted my first blog and I had well over 1000 views which I am exteremly grateful for. Every day I track my views which gives me such a confidence boost as it makes me realise that I'm not just waffling on and posting rubbish. But people are actually interested in what I write.

What Types of Blogging are there?
Loads! Fashion Blogging isn't the be all and end all. There is such a wide variety of blogging that would interest everyone. Here are some to name a few: Fashion, Beauty, Hair, Technology, Adventure, Travel and Food.

Posting My First Blog
The first time I posted a photo on my Instagram with the caption 'New Blog Post' absolutely scared the hell out of me! I sat here thinking .. Oh no, what is everyone thinking? do they think I want to be a model? are people laughing at me? But since then I haven't looked back and it's the best step I ever took. I've also been very surprised with the amount of positive feedback I have received since starting my blog.

To everyone who takes the time to read my blogs, I cannot thank you enough! Also a big thank you to  everyone that shares my posts and gets others involved. You're really helping me to start up my career and follow my dreams.

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