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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lifestyle | Top 5 Inspirational Bloggers

I'm always looking for new inspirational ideas in order to help me create my blog. To begin with, well I didn't even know where to start. I felt like I needed to get some advice from somewhere that would help me take my first steps into creating my blog. 

I'm going to share with you my top 5 inspirational bloggers who never fail to inspire me day after day in the blogging world.

 1) Lydia Elise Millen (Fashion, Health & Fitness, Food, Beauty, Lifestyle)

Lydia inspires me in regards to having simplistic yet effective looking blog. Every day I log onto her website just to see the content of her posts and the type of photos she has attached to them. I spend time looking at the angles and filters she uses on her images as I love that whole style. She incorporates a lot of white images which makes her profile look fresh and clean. Lydia inspires me the most with her lifestyle blogs as she posts topics that I would never even think about.

Instagram: lydiaemillen

2) Sarah Ashcroft - That Pommie Girl (Fashion, Food, Beauty, Lifestyle)

This girl is so on trend with everything she does! Sarah inspires me mostly with fashion as she takes so many cool and quirky photos. I have looked back through to her oldest blog posts and wow she has developed into an amazing blogger. I loved looking at her old posts as I felt like every fashion blogger would start off like this. I feel like I can relate to Sarah a lot as we have both studied at The Fashion Retail Academy in London. This makes me feel like my dreams will be realistic as she has started at the same place as me.

Instagram: sarahhashcroft

3) Yasmine Chanel (Fashion, Lifestyle)

Yasmine is a blogger who I have recently got into and now I can't stop searching all of her social network profiles. I love this girls layout and her photos that she posts. They're all so creative and look absolutely amazing on her Instagram. Jasmine takes the best selfies they're literally to die for. She has inspired me to be confident in myself and I not to worry about what other people think. For example, one of her photos that she posted was right in the middle of Oxford Street, London. Not to mention this is probably the busiest street in the area! 

Instagram: yasminechanel

4) Carin Olsson - Paris in Four Months (Lifestyle, Photography)

I recently followed Carin on Instagram as I was just sucked into her photography! Her photos are so simple but so effective! I love looking at her profiles just to see what images she has taken without incorporating fashion. Carin's profile inspires me to take photos of the most simple things that I wouldn't necessarily take images of. 

Instagram: parisinfourmonths

5) Tia Lineker - Links to Fashion (Fashion, Lifestyle)

Last but no means least, Tia Lineker. Tia is a new blogger who recently launched in September 2015. She inspires me to create my blogs as I feel like we're both in the same boat. I feel like it's nice not only to look at the well established bloggers, but also the new coming ones. This is because I feel like I can relate to them a lot more & I know the same position in which they are in. Tia also studies at The Fashion Retail Academy.

Instagram: tialineker

I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog post. Please check these girls out and prepared to be inspired! If you head over to their website, please mention that I directed you there :)

And don't forget to leave your comments below

Love Robyn xxx

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brands I’ve loved working with